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Rails 3 is out

An important day for the ruby on rails community!

Intro video

New features

Viewing the screencasts we see some nice features built into rails 3:

  • Refactored Internals: a minimal functional core vs. extended functionality.
    Rails3 has a microkernel architecture with additional libraries.
  • New/cleaner routing structure which is rack compatible. Rack basically entails a simple interface for handling HTTP requests in Ruby. Rails Metal, one of the results of the move to Rack, provides a way to bypass some of the normal overhead of the Rails stack, allowing a developer to specify certain routes and code to execute when those routes are hit (see Rack support in Rails: Why It Matters)
  • ActiveRelation: new syntax for queries, for example the much shorter Post.where(:published => true) is a clean example of querying your data source.
  • Rails 3 ships with Bundler, a Ruby library that makes Dependency Management less painless because dependencies are better dealt with than Gems (see nice graphical illustration in the screencasts)
  • ActionMailer has its own app/mailers folder and has (among a lot of other cool stuff) automatic mime-type detection
  • Cross-site scripting (XSS) protection is offered by automatic string escaping / cross-site request forgery is prevented by protect_from_forgery
  • Unobtrusive javascript (UJS)
    • HTML5 custom data attributes (data-* tags) are integrated saving a lot of markup (instead of a crap-load of html, just one data-..=".." tag).
    • Support for more JS frameworks. You can easily integrate jQuery by getting the jquery ujs driver

More info

Ah by the way ..

As I posted here, I started to learn Ruby on Rails. Important is to gain a profound Ruby knowledge! Reading the rails source will become fundamental in becoming a good rails developer.
I want to share this post with you for anyone learning Ruby on Rails: what are great sources to really get going with Ruby ..

From here on ..

Tell me about your ruby on rails experience and how rails3 will improve it..