Spotlights week 41-42

This week: Instagram captures 100k+ photo addicts, Facebook for business webinar, Skype integrates Facebook, create a Gmail voice call widget, new MacBook Air is out, 2 articles about Web/PHP security and new HMTL5/CSS3 book: Hardboiled web design

Instagram is a new photo sharing service for Iphone. It integrates with social media and let’s you adjust photos with filters that give them a really nice effect. You can follow other people and like/comment their photos. This app rocks: Instagram Captures 100,000 Mobile Photo Addicts In Less Than A Week

This interesting webinar shows how you can use Facebook for your business. I can recommend it to everybody who wants to benefit from the biggest social media fish. A fanpage for example is a very strong way to enforce your brand. This video shows some important do’s and dont’s.

More Facebook: Skype integrates Facebook so you can call your Facebook friends and update your feed within skype. Only Windows users can use this service for now, Mac users, keep an eye on this page. Spotlights week 41-42

Yesterday a new book came out by Andy Clarke, one of my favorite web designers / CSS gurus. According to the website it is not yet another HTML5/CSS3 book: “Hardboiled Web Design is different. It’s for people who want to understand why, when and how to use the latest HTML5 and CSS3 technologies in their everyday work.” Having read Transcending CSS of the same author, my expectations are high.

Some time ago Gmail made it possible to call landline and mobile phones. Wouldn’t it be cool to add a Google Voice call widget inside your HTML email? Well, I stumbled upon this cool MailChimp blog post. Looks quite nice, but I couldn’t see the “Add a new call widget” so far. Maybe you have to add some credit first. An alternative is to link to Skype: make a link “skype:<your_username>?add” and your browser will go to Skype to add you as contact.

The new MacBook Air is out! It’s really slick, thinner, lighter and.. more affordable (starting at 999). Check out this honest review and of course Apple’s cool intro video

Smashing magazine is one of my favorite news blogs about web design/development. I found this article an interesting read about security mistakes in web applications. For PHP I found a similar article on Sitepoint (another favorite site): php security blunders

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