The importance of semantic markup and css


To make a long story short, today I really wanted to share the importance of becoming aware of proper markup and use of CSS for styling your page. Without CSS a page should be still readable and good markup should describe what the element means on the page. It also should improve accessibility to the underlying content, both for people with more difficulty to access your content as well as search engines and microformats that allow export of vcards and hcalendars to external apps.

Secondly the CSS: without proper markup it becomes difficult if not impossible to have an economic and flexible stylesheet. I think we all came to a point once we got lost in our own CSS’ specificity. You set up so many rules drilling deeper in a wood of divs and classes, not seeing the trees anymore.

.. “huh? why is that link not changing color when styling that anchor” ..

Good semantic markup gives you the bare essential to start laying out your site with CSS. Use semantic markup and CSS to the advantage of your users, customers and (of course) for your own quality of work !

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