Organize your reading with Read It Later

With so much info these days, one needs to organize. That’s where Read It Later comes into play: save what you want to read and have easy access to it, anytime and anywhere. Read your articles text-only and even offline. In this post “the... Read more →

Web spotlights – 2010-35

Pilot So many newsletters, tweets, emails and stuff, aren’t we loosing focus? Starting this week I will make a weekly selection of what I found interesting. 4 or 5 personal spotlights that I find worthy to write about. Something missing... Read more →

Mobify – your site goes mobile

Mobify lets you make a mobile version of your website. I’ve yet to discover other tools as mofuse and apple’s sdk, but my first touch with Mobify was quite positive. What I like is the flex html/css editing with direct preview... Read more →

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