Organize your reading with Read It Later

With so much info these days, one needs to organize. That’s where Read It Later comes into play: save what you want to read and have easy access to it, anytime and anywhere. Read your articles text-only and even offline. In this post “the... Read more →

Increase productivity by 3+ times

In this information-overloaded age, knowing about productivity has become even more important. In this post I’ll outline 5 ways to enhance your efficiency. I firmly believe that you can gain 3+ times more results by applying these principles. Read more →

Gedit on Ubuntu: simple but powerful

(non-Linux / -Ubuntu users might skip this post. Linux programmers or text editor fans, read on.. ) Text editors.. Holy wars are going on to determine which one is best. Gedit For me, on the Mac, TextMate wins on all terrains. I don’t... Read more →

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