I just stumbled upon a new plugin to add a Google+ Widget to your blog, allowing readers to add you directly to their circles. I am still playing with Google+, but my impressions up until now are very positive. 

Update 31.08.11

I decluttered my blog and I have to admit I prefer just a g+ icon under which I have under "Places". The number of circles I am in is really not important to me, and this way I save in less JS code. Of course the plugin looks very nice in a sidebar, but mine got just to cluttered.

See http://plusdevs.com/google-wordpress-plugin/ for more instructions: basically you download/upload the zipfile to your Wordpress blog, unpack it and activate it in your wp-admin.

Then you drag the GoogleCard to your sidebar in the WP Widget page and you fill in your Google+ ID (something like 106057741186141812269, the number you see after plus.google.com when in your profile's page). You can also put a customized title.

Done! See the sidebar of this blog. You can add me to share interesting web related stuff, I think it will be my most active topic on the new social network.

Waiting ...

Waiting for more fun with the Google+ API ! For now I could only sign up to get notified.

I hope to get a post out soon about Google+, it seems to really add value to Twitter and Facebook.

From here on ...

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