2014 was a good year: I certified in both Python and Java at the O'Reilly school of technology, I attended GDG devfest (Amsterdam) which was an inspiring event, and I became a healthy programmer by adding exercise and good dieting practices to my daily habits.

Now 2015 is here. I am not really a New Year's resolutions guy, but this year I want to define some goals:

- read an average of one book per week. No need to expand ... reading makes you a better human being. My Reading List

- build an Android app. Mobile and Android are hot, you could argue that iOS is better etc., but you have to start somewhere.

- build an app with the MEAN (MongoDB, Express, Angular, Node.js) stack. Javascript is everywhere, good to get more skilled in it. If time, add Dart and web components.

- get basic skills in data science (big data) and related: certify in Advanced Java (O'Reilly School - includes an algorithm module)

I need to get back to blogging. It will happen, and then I will update on above topics.

Happy 2015!

- Bob

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