The last six weeks have been Python on steroids. Julian and myself launched a new blog where we share our Python learning. A post on my learning so far.

Enter PyBites

On PyBites we do code challenges, publish tutorials and a weekly tweet digests of Python-related news. We have great momentum, are constantly learning and use the blog to share our passion for Python.

our labor of passion

A few things I have learned so far

  • Quality matters, but so does quantity. Programming requires practice, a lot of it (as Schwarzenegger says: “you have to do the reps”). If I look at our archive I think we do our reps ;)

  • Community. Weekly code challenges are great for learning, teaching and mentoring. This initiative got quite some traction on HN and Github. We enjoy building a community of Pythonistas eager to learn with us.

  • When you have to blog (explain) something you learn much more. Apart from the code challenges, I learned a lot from explaining deque, pep8, itertools, oop and Python’s data model.

  • runs on Jekyll and I think static site generators are awesome. That’s why we went with Pelican (Python!) for PyBites. We learned a lot in the process and managing content on Github as a team is really convenient.

  • Jupyter notebooks are a great learning tool. This week we found a great plugin to embed them in our posts (examples here and here).

  • Maybe most important of all, we have a lot of fun in the process. PyBites has been a long time coming for us. The difference in our background and experience should make PyBites approachable to all. We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoy creating it.


Keep Calm and Code in Python!

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