It always takes some time to accept changes, especially when it concerns your website, but  I am happy I did it. I used the powerful Thematic Theme Framework on top of Wordpress. Now I have a clean integrating of both my blog and my design work (before it were two different websites).  As I blog more often now, I wanted to emphasize that part in the new design.

Wordpress, the popular CMS / blogging software, allows to make customized pages. Together with the ease of maintaining a blog, it is a tool I really have become to appreciate.

My Reading List and Latest Bookmarks sections I moved to the cloud. For bookmarks you can visit my delicious page and I use Amazon reading list provided by Linkedin to share interesting books. I like minimalism in design, it's stresses the essential

From my experience I knew that changing an existing design would take more time and wouldn't guarantee a 100% satisfactory result, so I revamped my site from scratch. There is also a better integration with social media services, thanks to share buttons (Wordpress plugins and Addthis)

Next post I will catch up with some recent web spotlights.

[caption id="attachment_362" align="alignnone" width="630" caption="old vs new design"]old vs new design

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